24 Aug 2014

Tuthill claims first WRC Porsche finish in almost Three Decades

Tuthill Porsche claims the first WRC finish for a Porsche 911 in almost three decades by finishing inside the top thirty on WRC Germany.

Tuthill Porsche claimed the first WRC finish for a Porsche 911 in almost three decades today, finishing inside the top thirty on WRC Germany.

“I stand to be corrected, but I believe Saeed Al-Hajri’s fourth place on the 1986 Acropolis Rally may have been the last WRC finish for a Porsche 911,” said Richard after the race. “That being the case, it’s a proud moment for our team to rejuvenate the Porsche 911 in world championship rallying, and also claim the first Porsche win in the RGT category.

“We may have been racing in a category of one, but disaster waits around every corner. As others who attempted this have found to their cost, racing oneself is often the greatest challenge. We’re delighted to have come home safely.”

Safely is one thing: quickly is another. Richard Tuthill and Stéphane Prevot took the best from their Tuthill 911 RGT, setting a succession of excellent times on a tricky final day that wiped three top runners out of the event.

“This car: what more can you say,” smiled a relieved Graham Moore, Chief Engineer on the Tuthill 911.” It does everything we ask of it and more. It handles well, flies level, looks great and sounds terrific. Crowds just adore it! I’m relieved to finish our debut rally, and happy that the car set good times on a number of stages. Now we go back to base, examine the data, consult the FIA on developments going forward and decide our next event.”

“This week has been completely overwhelming,” said Richard. “The magnitude of our accomplishment will take a few days to sink in. Months of hard work have gone into into developing a car we hoped would succeed, with the team then investing great trust in me to drive it.

“I’ve revelled in this challenging return to the fiercely competitive World Rally Championship, made possible by an incredible team, a wonderful car and the ultimate co-driver: Stéphane Prévot. No doubt there’s more speed to come from this car, but to reach the chequered flag was our primary goal, and we have done that in style.

“Roll on our next event! Hopefully, we’ve demonstrated our 911′s speed and its ability to seize the fans’ attention. Perhaps we’ve also inspired other Porsche drivers to consider running Tuthill 911 RGTs on the world stage: time will tell!”