03 Nov 2017

Tuthill Safari Porsche dampers upgraded

New Tuthill Safari dampers with sliding bush technology are a revelation in performance and feedback

With three weeks remaining to the 2017 Kenya Airways East African Safari Classic Rally, two-time Safari Classic winner, Tuthill Porsche, has released the latest iteration of its marathon rally-spec Safari Porsche dampers. Developed in conjunction with long-time suspension partner, EXE-TC, the upgraded dampers represent a significant upgrade over previous models.

“Our new Porsche dampers incorporate sliding bush technology, as used to great effect on modern WRC rally cars and the amazing World Rallycross (WRX) cars,” explains Richard Tuthill. “We have also revised some stub axle dimensions, and tweaked the steering arm angle to take full advantage of the lower friction from the new damper bushes.

“Reducing damper friction while increasing structural rigidity provides an even more reliable part, but the main advantage is a distinct improvement in feedback for the driver. The system also reduces the variation in tyre loads. Our testing to date has demonstrated a significant improvement in front end feel and driver confidence.

“These upgrades represent a step change in performance and reliability for marathon rallies such as the 3,000-mile Safari Classic Rally at end of November, where former world rally champion, Stig Blomqvist, is defending his 2015 Team Tido Porsche win, again in a car built and supported by Tuthills. We look forward to giving these new parts the ultimate product test – flat out through East Africa – at the end of this month.”

The upgraded Porsche dampers are now available exclusively through Tuthills. Email parts@tuthillporsche.com or call us on +44 1295 750 514.

Note: photo shows new front dampers with refurbished rear dampers – talk to us about upgrading existing Tuthill dampers.