12 Mar 2017

Tuthill Porsche 911 SC RS video

Video of a Tuthill Porsche 911 SC RS in action

We were delighted to have a very special guest at our Below Zero Ice Driving school for the recent visit by the Amazon Top Gear DriveTribe team: a Tuthill-built Group B Porsche 911 SC RS.

We built this classic Porsche for its current owner a few years ago, and they have made great use of it ever since. As well as some rallying and winter ice driving, the car has been raced at the Nurburgring, claiming pole position in class for the 2015 ADAC Youngtimer Trophy, with an average speed of 150 km/h around the 25-kilometre Nürburgring GP and Nordschleife circuit.

DriveTribe’s Henry Catchpole enjoyed his run alongside Richard in the 911 SC RS, which was fitted with ice driving tyres and 7mm studs for optimum traction. “Even as I sit and marvel, trying to make sense of it all from the security of a bucket seat and six-point harness, I know that this is going to rank as one of the great experiences of my life,” says Henry in his DriveTribe article here.

Our connection to Porsche 911 SC RS heritage is a real one. The arrival of Porsche in Group B rallying was instigated by Dave Richard’s Prodrive organisation, located just a couple of miles from our workshops. Given our considerable experience in rallying Porsche and VW cars, and more work to do than the tight Prodrive team could handle alone, some of the rally preparation for the Rothmans 911 SC RS rally cars was carried out here at Tuthills and our association with Prodrive continued into preparation of the subsequent Subaru Legacy rally cars.

We have continued to maintain genuine SC RS 911s for some long-time owners and since built a number of proper SC RS recreations, all with FIA Historic Technical Passports. This SC RS was built on a 1984 Turbo-Look Carrera Coupe, which gave us a head start on FIA homologation by providing the Turbo suspension and brakes. The engine was built to FIA spec with the ultra-rare Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection pump. The car is of course 2wd, as with all 911s of the period.

Watch the video below to hear the sound of an SC RS at speed on a snow-covered Swedish rally stage, used for testing by WRC teams and our own ice driving customers. On ice, snow or at the race track, this is a very special car. Contact Tuthill Porsche to discuss building your very own special Porsche project.