20 Dec 2019

Porsche 911 G50 Rare Clutch Replacement

G50 911 Clutch kits to go Porsche-only?

Despite seasonal influences, such as owners tucking their classic Porsches up for the winter, Tuthill Porsche’s Wardington road car workshop is as busy as ever. Current projects include recommissioning a 911 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet that has been parked up for a few years, fitting a 2.7 RS engine into a customer’s 911T and a clutch replacement on a comely 993 Coupe.

Like the post-1987 3.2 Carrera, the 993 is fitted with the G50 gearbox, well known for its ease of use and extreme reliability. Though we managed to locate a trusted Sachs Power Clutch Kit for this 911, our suppliers inform us that it was the last of these kits currently, and that all Sachs G50 Power Clutch Kits are presently listed as having “unknown” delivery times. This leaves us with the sole option of a Porsche clutch kit for future replacements, available from the main dealer at just over £600 plus VAT.

One saving grace here is that clutches usually give plenty of advance warning of their impending doom, but there are a few points worth considering with regards to the Porsche-only kit.

Firstly, anyone who has a G50 gearbox might be well advised to try and source a Sachs kit to mothball for future use.

Secondly, if you are buying a 911 with a G50 gearbox, pay close attention to the clutch. If it doesn’t feel quite right, tread very carefully on the price to be paid. We usually allow 8 hours on a car like this to remove the engine and gearbox, fit the clutch and reinstall, so an unexpected clutch change using the £600 Porsche kit soon after purchase would be a bit of a shock to the wallet.

Don’t forget Tuthill Porsche will quite happily service all of your Pre-Purchase Inspection/PPI needs, and our inclusive rate is often quite a bit cheaper than other on-site inspection services. Give us a call on 01295 750 514 to find out more.