06 Apr 2020

Guided Tour of the Tuthill Porsche workshop on Instagram Live

A guided tour of the Tuthill Porsche workshops with Richard and Collecting Cars Instagram Live

Richard Tuthill recently joined Sam Hancock live on the Collecting Cars Instagram feed for a virtual tour of the Tuthill Porsche workshops and a varied discussion about other topics including:

• A look at Porsche 911 Safari car builds
• A word on rallying and driver/co-driver roles
• A look at the Tuthill Porsche projects in build
• A walk through the engine shop with 2.0 and 3.0 engines in build
• A look at the service bays with a 3.2 and early 911 Targa
• Tuthill Porsche and modern-era 911s
• Valkyrie Racing 356
• Tuthill and Singer Vehicle Design
• Richard’s daily driver and favourite Porsche models
• Taking novice drivers into race and rally competition
• Driver training at Below Zero Ice Driving
• Pressure vs pleasure – enjoying Porsche passion while maintaining a business
• Has it always been Porsche at Tuthills?

The discussion was an entertaining interlude in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, offering a rare chance to catch Richard with enough time on his hands to give this special guided tour around our unique facility! Our previous podcast with Collecting Cars is mentioned at the start of the broadcast: listen to that at collectingcars.com/podcasts.

Watch the video below or visit the Tuthill Porsche YouTube channel to see more from our team. Contact us with any questions: don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!